Thursday, November 1, 2012

Beers by Land and by Sea

One night I had a chat with a beertender about what beers you might take on a camping trip, and I kept thinking on the subject.  Here are some of my favorites:

Beers for a Camping Trip:
Moose Drool Chocolate Brown Ale, Big Sky Brewing Co.
Racer 5 1PA, Bear Republic
Kodiak Brown Ale,  Midnight Sun Brewing Co.

Beers for Fishing (a.k.a. a love letter to Ballast Point):
Ballast Point Black Marlin Porter
Big Swell IPA
Any of them, really, with all those fish on the labels.  

Beers for the Beach:
Red Seal Ale, North Coast
Scrimshaw Pilsner, North Coast
Bikini Blonde Lager, Maui Brewing Co.
Shark Attack Double Red Ale, Port Brewing Co.

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