Sunday, September 20, 2009

Recipes for the Cure

Chez Chason, Brentwood

On Thursday night I brought the fury of a serious head cold into Chason's apartment, inflicting it upon both Chason and his roommate. My head and nasal cavity were throbbing, and I tried to fend it off with OJ, ginger ale, and Nyquil. The next day I wasn't about to move, so I sat in the car while Chason went into Ralphs to buy ingredients to make his first Chicken Noodle Soup.

---à acheter---

1 Ralphs Lemon-Herb Rotisserie Chicken
3/4 lb pasta noodles of your choice
3 carrots
2 stalks celery
4 cloves garlic
1/2 yellow onion
4 tbsp Better Than Bouillon chicken base
OR 4 bouillon cubes, or granulated equivalent
2 tsp ground pepper
1 1/2 tsp dried thyme

Start 4 quarts water to boil. Add bouillon and dissolve. Chop and add carrots. Let boil. While water is boiling, mince garlic and chop the half onion, add. Reduce heat to low. Add noodles. Begin tearing pieces from the rotisserie chicken, and add to soup. Chop 2 stalks celery and add. Test noodle for doneness and serve when ready! Best served with a couple slices of a sourdough loaf.

---à noter---

When I referenced chicken noodle soup recipes online, the directions were to add 12 oz of pasta. We added the full 16 oz, which turned out to be too much, soaking up most of the broth.

Easy variations:
Bake your own chicken, to make a whole day of it, just in case you aren't sick.
use lemon and rosemary for a more mediterranean flavor. Change the starch: use rice!
The rice can sometimes make the soup a super-starchy, comforting bowl of cold-curing love.

Next...Vegan bites at Pure Luck, a former Korean resto turned cyclist hangout! (sketch below)

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